"Just Because"
2007 Pokey Records
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words and music by Kim Townsend
© 2006 (ASCAP)

While visiting my parents' home, my dad went out to mow the lawn
and I observed him through the kitchen glass as I sipped my iced tea
To and fro, blazing crooked paths, cutting first the front yard and then the back
and once or twice I waved when he passed me

Recently we'd had a scare, but there he was without a care
and silently, I thanked God once again
That the doctors fixed him good as new and Dad was better in a week or two
but it didn't stop my mind from wondering.... when?
And there are things that I've been needing to tell him


You are my superman, helped make me who I am
you were my first true-love, my shining knight
you tucked me safe in bed at night
You held my little hand, taught me to understand
right from wrong, and to say, "I think I CAN"
You're my Daddy, and a super man

When I was a kid, my Dad could throw a baseball 'bout a mile or so
I bet he could have raced the wind... and WON!
He was handsome, strong, and young, and cool
and he knew more than all those books in school
He was strict but fair, disciplined but... FUN!

At eighteen, I was college-bound and the first night in my dorm I found
a letter he had hidden in my bag
I remember how I read and cried, discovering all the faith and pride and love
that he wrote of with his own hand


You are my Superman, a quiet hero and
wise and kind and generous - thanks for all you do for us
You shouldn't be surprised to learn that in my eyes
you're much more than just an ordinary man
I love, respect, and honor you
and you'll always be MY Superman!