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2007 Pokey Records
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Family Christmas Song

words and music by Kim Townsend

co-written with Cheryl and Clint Townsend
© 1985 (ASCAP)

We greet with hugs and kisses as we come in from the cold
the house is full of warmth and love and memories of gold
The tree is trimmed so lovingly, the gifts spread wall-to-wall
there's music, food, and laughter... and Christmas cheer for all


'Cause we're a family we gather every year
we're a family some come from far and near
Each loved one seems more precious at this very special time
God has richly blessed us all, His gift to us - DIVINE!

Singing Christmas carols is a big part of the night
we always sing the "Twelve Days" but we seldom get it right
from calling birds to milking maids and lords a' leaping, too
we ham it up and mess it up and rarely sing on cue... or key!


The little ones are tired of songs, they want to have the "tree"
Santa's helpers pass out gifts, they're opened eagerly
The room fills up with paper and the piles keep getting higher
If Grandma doesn't watch her gifts, they'll end up in the fire!

An uncle spotted Santa's sleigh and reindeer in plain sight
So, get those chilluns off to bed 'cause Santa comes tonight

I guess we'd better end this song about our Christmas Eve
it's such a happy time we share, on that we all agree
We're looking forward to next year and doing this again -
but will the candy come out right? Poor Grandma never wins!