"Just Because"
2007 Pokey Records
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Little Slice of Heaven


words and music by Kim Townsend
© 2005 (ASCAP)

On lazy summer days I like to steal off to the shade
and kick back with my old guitar
My hands know what to do and within a strum or two
my mind drifts to where you are

You're Rocky Mountain high... and, hon, it ain't no lie
when I say I'm glad you're gone
I'm Texas born and bred and tonight I'll lay my head
down in this place that I call home


It's a little slice of heaven three-sixty-five, twenty-four-seven
hearin' coyotes as they call watchin' stars quietly fall
countin' fireflies and blessings
There's no place I'd rather be than underneath this big oak tree
so I'll just sit here by and by as the sun sinks in the sky
right where God intended me

It seems so long ago you headed for the snow
and just left me here to tan
Up in your mountain range you're thinkin' I'm insane
to be happy as a clam

I s'pose you think you're clever in seeking nicer weather
and a cooler atmosphere
I prefer the Texas heat the air's so thick and sweet
so I guess I'll stay right here


You can keep ol' Colorado with its aspen and its pine
I'll take mesquite and cactus 'cause they're old friends of mine
This rustic spot of land is such a sight for my sore eyes
I love my little Lone Star paradise

I've hardly noticed that you're gone
Darlin', Texas is my home where the Lord meant me to be