"Just Because"
2007 Pokey Records
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1,000 Goodbyes


words and music by Kim Townsend
© 2005 (ASCAP)

Packed again heading for the door and
I don't know when I'll be back for sure
so I hug you and I hold you
a big closer and longer every time
I gotta go before I cry

In awhile I'll be down the road , then
I can smile thinking back to now
when I kissed you, said I'll miss you,
and we laughed just trying to count the times
we have said our goodbyes


Miles away another show to end another day
grabbing all the fleeting moments with my mind's eye
Many friends think they want my life of traveling all the time
They don't know that for every hello, there's 1,000 goodbyes

Bittersweet, life's a big adventure
with no repeats due to human nature
So be careful what you're wishing
or you might just get your chance to fly
but it all starts with goodbye

Days and nights that blur together
'til I'm not sure where I've been
but I try hard to work things out
so that every now and then
I can be on your front porch knocking once again