Check out this new 'Press' section to read all the wonderful remarks the new album "Just Because" has been receiving and then listen to the sound clips on the music page to hear what all the fuss is about. It's a great day to be a Texan, y'all!!!!
posted by Kim Townsend


CD Review
Kim Townsend: Just Because

by Nicole Blizzard, editor
The Naked Ptarmigan magazine

".... This summer, Kim has released her second full-length country-tinged CD Just Because, which is an excellent CD and well worth ordering via her website at or at CDBaby. As with her first release, she has again produced and written all her own songs as well as playing guitar and bass on most of the tracks with the assistance of a lot of fine Texas musicians, including Lloyd Maines who is the father of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

"Her songs run from humorous (She Can't Cook, My Mom's Refrigerator) to heartfelt (1000 Goodbyes, Little Slice of Heaven, A Moment With You ). Along the way, she displays pride in her home state (!Viva!), dreams about having a real wild streak (Evil, Nasty and Bad), displays her instrumental abilities on a Latin-tinged number (La Luna Negra Cantina ) and even includes a Christmas tune (Family Christmas Song), which is listed with tongue-in-cheek as being a super-double-secret bonus track. There is not one bad song in this fifteen track disc. You should definitely add this CD to your collection before the next time you bring a date home"


"With a pure, sweet voice that can handle songs that range from sassy to sorrowful, Kim Townsend may well prove to be the best singer/songwriter to come out of Lubbock, Texas since Buddy Holly. With this CD I feel that she joins the ranks of other great female singer/songwriters such as Dar Williams, Kim richey, and Tish Hinojosa."

- Nicole Blizzard, freelance writer- Austin, TX



Texas/Seattle gal, Kim Townsend, has established herself as an out-of-town regular at Cafe Uniontown in Astoria. Between her Portland and Seattle gigs, Cafe U customers have come to know her sweet, country-folk and affable, off-beat Texas charm.

This time around, Townsend is celebrating the release of her first original CD, 'Wayworn Traveler'. The title cut is actually an old country gospel tune of which Townsend pays beautiful tribute to her musical roots and (great)grandfather, John Luther Pate. Grandpa Pate was recorded in 1965 singing a rustic acapella version of "Wayworn Traveler", which segues into Townsend's lovely, lyrical rendition.

Townsend sings songs about her Texas-farmer-traditional roots, grandmas and great-grandmas. She sings very openheartedly about leaving them behind and beginning new traditions, like traveling and writing songs. She also sings about cross-dressing, going naked, chat rooms, and green chili fetishes. And, yes, there is the occasional lovesick/lovesane ballad. But you never quite know if she's going to sing you a sentimental lament, a serious message song, or sneak-off a quirky, country do-wop, risque little number. She does them all with comfortable aplomb. This must be what makes Kim Townsend very original, genuine and...entertaining as hell.

It's nice to hear her songs with full instrumentals. Townsend, herself, provides bass and banjo tracks in addition to acoustic/electric guitars, and features a variety of musicians on fiddle, autoharp, cello, piano, drums... whatever the style of the tune calls for. But it's Kim Townsend as Kim Townsend who shines through on this CD, just like she does live. Pick up a CD and join the party!

by Dinah Urell
Hipfish Astoria, OR


Whitmore House Concerts (review)

"It is always so refreshing to hear someone new who has captured their own unique style and verse. This gal does both brilliantly! She seems to enjoy writing funny songs with a twisted ending...sometimes REALLY twisted, but very entertaining. She also writes and performs more serious songs that provoke your mind and tantalize your spirit. I think she has to be one worth checking out if you haven't seen or heard her yet" -

by Lana Hughes ("Miss Lana")