"Wayworn Traveler"
2003 Pokey Records
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(El) Mercado

words and music by Kim Townsend

© 2001 (ASCAP)

This morning I spied him again as he strolled past the window
I held my breath while he slowly reached out for the door
When he came in the store I was clumsy and made bad excuses
the shopkeeper cursed me for fear he would come here no more

But I’ve seen his eyes and I know that he’ll be back tomorrow
he stops every morning like clockwork and I wait ‘til he comes
I cannot explain what it does to my heart when I see him
my fear is that maybe one day he will not come alone

Where does he come from and go to each morning
I want to ask him his name for a start
How will I ever tell him I love him
What if there’s already somebody else in his heart

Paseaba por esta manana al pasar mi ventana
senti el suspiro se me iva acercarsa mi puerta
Al entrar tropeze y cai sin sober que decir
El patron me trato y con el se disculpo

Pero yo vi en sus ojos decian que el volveria
nuestro encuentro de cada manana yo se era seguro
no me explico que siente mi alma cuando llego a verlo
quizas es el miedo un dia el no volvera

Donde ira y regresa por cada manana
quisiera saber de su nombre para comenzar
cuando ira saber que yo lo Amo
o como saber si hay alguien en su Corazon