"Wayworn Traveler"
2003 Pokey Records
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Wayworn Traveler (traditional)

Arranged by Kim Townsend & Bill Corral
© 2001 (ASCAP)

I saw a wayworn traveler
his garments worn and clad
while struggling up the mountain
it seemed that he was sad

But he kept pressing onward
for he was a-winding home
and shouted as he journeyed,
“Deliverance has come”


Then palms of victory crowns of glory
palms of victory I shall wear

I saw him in the evening
the sun was a-bending low
he’d over-topped the mountain
and reached the vale below

He saw the Golden City
his everlasting home
and shouted loud, “Hosanna,
deliverance has come!”


I heard the song of triumph
he sang upon the shore
saying, “Jesus has redeemed us
to suffer nevermore”

Then casting his eyes backward
on the race that he had run
he shouted loud, “Hosanna,
deliverance has come!”