"Wayworn Traveler"
2003 Pokey Records
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Birthday Suit

words and music by Kim Townsend
© 2001 (ASCAP)

It wasn’t long ago I got an invitation
to a party up the block it was a celebration
a friend was turning fifty and they’d be honored if I’d attend
it said, “Come as you are... and you can even bring a friend”

Well, I started to plan and started to scheme
I wanted to look special if you know what I mean
looked in the closet but didn’t find nothin’ to wear
It was the same old stuff and I was tired of the clothes in there

So I put on my birthday suit

Oh, it’s always my size and it fits me just fine
sometimes a little bit loose sometimes a little bit tight
in the summertime it’s darker in the winter it gets real white
and it’s easy to wash ‘cause I can lay it flat or drip-dry

Well, I went to that party I’ll admit I looked cute
‘cause I was wearing nothing but my birthday suit
all the ladies blushed to see the state in which I came
but the men-folk grinned and you can bet they’ll all remember my name

‘Cause I’d put on my birthday suit

Sometimes it makes me look skinny sometimes I look fat
sometimes it looks pretty buff and I like it like that
everybody’s got one so you know they’ll never go out of style
try wearin’ yours to a party and I’m sure you’re gonna see folks smile

Join me, be seen, and leave your clothes back home in a pile

You’ll be wearin’ your birthday suit... your birthday suit
Be proud of your birthday suit they’ll love ya’ in your birthday suit