"Wayworn Traveler"
2003 Pokey Records
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Beach Song

words and music by Kim Townsend
© 2002 (ASCAP)

Little boat on the sea
bobbin’ along so lazily
gentle waves move along,
kiss the beach, then they’re gone mmmmm...

Barefoot you barefoot me
watchin’ that boat out on the sea
diggin’ toes in the sand
layin’ ‘round hand in hand mmmmm...

chorus : All alone, together, with nothing better to do
than lie in the sun and have fun like young castaways do

Tide goes out tide comes in
you take me in your arms again
your heart beats with mine
as the stars start to shine mmmmm...


Moonlit night dancing slow
where the time goes I don’t know….
I can’t help revealing
the way that I’m feeling ‘bout you

I’m falling in love and hoping that you’re…. falling, too